The Maple Tree building is closed but we are still here! Join our Wednesday morning sling and buggy walk at 10 am (booking essential), join our live and interactive sessions on Tuesdays at 11am on our Facebook page, or if you have had a baby since 1st March why not join our Zoom baby group?  See What’s On for details.  Need some advice or a listening ear? Send us a message or email and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

At the Maple Tree there are lots of things to do! We have play-based learning activities for under fives and for older sisters and brothers in school holidays. For parents and carers the Maple Tree is a place to meet other families, get involved with hands on learning with their child and sometimes to get help with the tough task of parenting. We have events for the whole family to enjoy together, and courses – like first aid – that are just for adults. We have different sessions running every week day – come and join us!

Maple Tree sunflower growing

Well done to Lacey and Amelia for growing the tallest sunflower. Have a look at the pictures in What’s On.

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Please can you help us?

Although centre-based activities are suspended owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are still working hard.  We are helping parents and carers by telephone, via our Facebook page and through our website. We offer a listening ear, advice on where to get help, activity ideas, and live and interactive video sessions.

Temporary closure of the centre is extremely problematic for us.  We derive just over 8% of our income from parental donations at sessions and we rely on fundraising activities and lettings charges to generate a further 18% of the money needed to run the centre, all of which are lost at the present time. We calculate these losses to be approximately £1300 a month and this appeal is one of the ways in which we are trying to make up the deficit.

Over the last year a total of 434 families attended Maple Tree activities. Our service is hugely valued.  At this difficult time many of our young families are struggling – and we want to be able to keep helping.

Please can you help too?

Many thanks.