What difference does the Maple Tree make?

We wanted to find out about the impact that the Maple Tree has on families to help us to plan our new programme, and also to give support to our grant applications. Feedback was collected from families during May 2020 through an online survey which asked ‘How has the Maple Tree made a difference to you and your child/ren?’.  Thirty-one responses were received. 

This is what was said:

86% of respondents thought that the Maple Tree had helped them to be a more confident parent.

80% thought that going to the Maple Tree had helped them to understand and respond to their child’s needs.

97% felt supported by staff and other parents.
90% thought that going to the Maple Tree had helped them be better able to support their child’s learning.

83% thought they were more confident in singing with their child at home.

64% thought that as a result of going to the Maple Tree they read to their child more often.

96% thought the Maple Tree had helped their child to play more confidently with other children (this question wasn’t relevant to all respondents).
70% thought that the Maple Tree had helped their child to communicate more confidently.

100% used ideas from the Maple Tree to do activities at home.

People told us about the staff:
Some of the words often used to describe the staff were ‘supportive’, ‘welcoming’ and ‘reassuring’.  The activities provided by staff are appreciated — ‘Hayley’s lockdown sessions are the highlight of our week’, as well as the time staff take to listen and talk to parents and carers — ‘Kirsty always has time to talk with you’.

People told us about some of the things they appreciate about the Maple Tree:

• It’s a good place to meet others

‘We’ve both made friends’

• It’s a place to play, learn and grow

‘xx has learnt and continues to learn so much’

• It’s at the heart of the community

‘A real lifeline for parents at the heart of the community’

 • It’s a place to get support

‘The support has been invaluable at a time when I needed it most’

• Having the lockdown sessions

‘The Maple Tree has been our saviour during lockdown’

• It’s a great facility

‘Great facilities, toys, company and a donation table’

• Making links with other professionals

‘The sessions with the health visitors I found invaluable’

And there were some suggestions for things we could do more of or do better:

• Improve the garden and use it more

‘In winter the slope is hazardous’

‘It would be lovely to use the garden more’

‘There should be a rack of coats and outdoor clothing that could be borrowed’

• More about understanding how children learn and how best to help

‘More of showing us the learning activities and how to do that at home’

• Making sure that everyone feels included

‘I felt left out. More inclusivity’

• Less clutter and more cleaning

‘Sometimes it’s a bit grubby to put a baby on the floor’

‘Maybe it would be good to have a bit less stuff out’

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to give us feedback.  We really appreciate the positive comments and also the suggestions for things to change. We will be working on these.